Morphology Examination

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This examination is recommended for all pregnancies and allows a detailed assessment of all of the baby’s parts and growth. It also assesses the location of the placenta and the length and appearance of the cervix (neck of the womb) as part of a risk assessment for preterm delivery.

The examination is usually performed by using the transabdominal probe on your abdomen. For this type of scan a full bladder assists in visualisation of the uterus and pregnancy.

Please present with a comfortably full bladder at the time of your appointment.

Occasionally a transvaginal examination is also required and our sonographer performing the examination will discuss this with you, if needed.

As part of this examination you will be able to see your baby’s:

  • Brain Face – including eyes, mouth, lips and nose
  • Spine Chest – lungs and heart
  • Abdomen – kidneys, stomach
  • Limbs – arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet and toes.

The baby’s gender can usually be reliably identified at this examination – if you would like to know what your baby’s gender is, please let our sonographer performing the examination know. She may also be able to answer any questions or specific concerns you may have.


  • Profile 20 weeks

    Profile 20 weeks

  • 4 chamber 20 weeks

    4 chamber 20 weeks

  • Feet 20 weeks

    Feet 20 weeks